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Since its establishment in 2008, REGIONS has helped 1,000 job seekers to change jobs in 8.5 years. During this process, we have accumulated empirical information about local companies. We do not claim to have a lot of information. But with our abundant experiences in local areas,
we have information about the companies where you can happily work, and we are willing to offer them for you. We have six criteria to evaluate a client company's suitability for you. Although not all the companies meet all the criteria we made, we want you to understand how we evaluate our client’s companies.

01Job duties and career building

"People always want to do a better job". We think it is important for a company to respect every single employee in this way. The company should believe that "people's abilities are unlimited." Such a company would respect the employee's imagination. In other words, the company would seriously think about the employee's individual career path. Such a company greatly values its human resources.

02Industry and corporate criteria

The company should have an excellent business model. A competitive business model makes more profit, and it leads to further growth. The net profit should either exceed 10% or exceed the industry average. If a recession causes profits to decrease to only 10%, 5% profit would fall to only 0.5%. This is not enough to sustain future growth. The company must hire people that can drive corporate growth, and we think sustaining their employment demands at least a 10% net profit after taxes for the current period.

03Working environment (holidays and working hours)

Long working hours and lack of time to refresh surely affects people’s health badly. If the working environment facilitates high productivity, the employee can be highly productive in a short time. This will enable the employee to do better work in better health. The company should have an organizational structure based on this belief.

04Job environment
(work values, ideology, culture, atmosphere)

The president's idea is the core of the company. There are company presidents who aim to make employees happy by working toward corporate goals, whereas there are company presidents who mainly aim to make their own life perfect. We think the important thing is whether the company president is managing the company with reasonable ethics. By ethics, we mean that the president should express thanks to employees, believe in the employees, and reward those who work hard. We think that a company that does not have proper ethics will not last long.


It is a natural thing to think that employees who work hard should be rewarded. We introduce companies that are serious about rewarding their employees and doing so in practice.

06Work Location

We introduce companies based in Sapporo (where we are based), Sendai, and Utsunomiya. Lots of Japanese leave their hometowns and move to bigger cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, where you have to separate work from life. We think that peripheral cities offer more freedom time-wise and anyone can get lifestyles they want.

Sapporo, Hokkaido
Sapporo is northernmost ordinance-designated, and fifth most populous city. Although the average temperature in July and August exceeds 20℃, the humidity is low and the mornings and evenings are cool, which make life comfortable. In winter, there are 132.4 snowy days in a year in Sapporo. You can enjoy various delicious local foods such as seafood and mountain products.
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Sendai is also nicknamed the "City of Trees." You can easily get to Matsushima (Pine Tree Islands), one of Japan's Famous Scenic Trio. Sendai's rich natural scenery also changes with the seasons, and hot springs there surrounded with beautiful nature are also recommended. It is also known as the best gourmet town in Tohoku region. Sendai also has a variety of enjoyable events throughout the year.
Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture
With a population of about 520,000 in the center of Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya is the largest city in the northern Kanto Region. Since it takes only about 50 min. from Tokyo Station to Utsunomiya via the JR Tohoku Shinkansen, there are lots of people who commute to Tokyo from there. Utsunomiya has good location, is surrounded by nature, and has many appealing aspects like gyoza pot stickers, which is popular local food.
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