Yukio Takaoka Yukio Takaoka

REGIONS, CO., Ltd. Yukio Takaoka, Representative Director

1991: Employed by Recruit Co., Ltd. (company hiring 2 years, hiring consultant 15 years). Established sales office in Fukushima Prefecture. Niigata Branch company president. Operations chief in 30 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa except Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka (company officer at 22 offices with sales of ¥1.06 billion and 400 employees).
2008: Established REGIONS, INC. recruiting company in Sapporo specializing in job seekers wanting to move to provincial cities.
2009: Established REGIONAL STYLE, INC. as a franchise system specializing in job seekers wanting to move to provincial cities. Installed as company representative.
Started a nationwide network of franchise branches specializing in job seekers wanting to move to provincial cities. (As of 2018, 10 franchises in 21 areas.)
Authored book titled, "採用を変える組織が変わる" (published by HS CO., LTD).
Since our company's establishment in 2008, we have offered consulting for job switching. We have placed more than 1,200 people at companies in total.
I found that there are people outside Japan who are learning Japanese and want to work in Japan, but they are unable to work in Japan because there is no job information. Therefore, we have started a service to help companies in Hokkaido to hire people studying Japanese. We want to help those who want to work in Japan and attain personal growth. We look forward to seeing these companies have unexpected growth and improvements. "I want to work in Japan," "I want a satisfying and important job where I can be a bridge between my native country and Japan," and "I want to feel personal growth." I really hope they can attain such goals. Come to us, and we can provide the wonderful introductions.
Hua-yi Chen Hua-yi Chen

REGIONS, INC. Hua-yi Chen Consultant

July 1990 Born in Taiwan.
June 2008: Graduated Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Girls' Senior High School, foreign language class.
June 2012: Graduated National Chung Hsing University, majoring in law.
July 2012: Employed by a major Japanese apparel maker.
Worked as a store manager and in personnel training.
November 2016: Employed by REGIONS, INC.
"What kind of life do I want to lead?" This is what I was always asking to myself when I was in high school, university, and even after getting a job. When I was in high school, I loved the Japanese language and Japan. However, to acquire one more specialization, I entered the law department. In my fourth year in the university, I again awoke to my dream of working in Japan and started pursuing it. Although I looked for all kinds of jobs in Japan, there were almost no bilingual jobs for new university graduates. While working for a previous company for four years, Japan kept remained in my heart. I thought about going on a working holiday in Japan, but I kept questioning myself if I just wanted to live in Japan or contribute to the people all over the world. Then I came across a company called REGIONS that advocates, "Work to your heart’s content in a place you want to live.", and I decided to start a new life in Hokkaido, where I really love. I will value everyone's thoughts and hopes such as, "I want to work in Japan" and "I want to shine in the world." Although you will never know what will happen in the future, I would like to help you pave your own path right away.
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