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1About our client companies

Since our establishment in 2008, we at REGIONS have helped over 1,500 job seekers to change jobs. During these years, we have gathered practical, first-hand information. We do not claim to know everything, but through our various experiences in local areas of Japan, we have gained information about top-rated companies and their job offers. To see which companies suit you the best, we have evaluated each of our client companies carefully based on our six criteria. Although not every company meets all of these criteria, we would like to explain how the evaluation happens.



  • REGIONS, CO., Ltd. Yukio Takaoka, Representative Director

    1991: Employed by Recruit Co., Ltd. (recruitment business for 2 years, hiring consultant for 15 years). Established a sales office in Fukushima Prefecture. Became the company president of the Niigata Branch Office. Worked as operations chief in 30 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa excluding Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka (company officer at 22 offices with sales of ¥1.06 billion and 400 employees).
    2008: Established REGIONS, INC., a recruiting company in Sapporo specializing in job seekers wanting to move to provincial areas.
    2009: Established REGIONAL STYLE, INC. as a franchise system. Became the company representative. Started a nationwide network of franchise branches (as of 2018, 10 franchises in 21 areas.) Authored a book titled, "採用を変える組織が変わる" (published by HS CO., LTD).
  • REGIONS, INC. Hua-yi Chen, Consultant

    July 1990: Born in Taiwan.
    June 2008: Graduated Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Girls' Senior High School, foreign language class.
    June 2012: Graduated National Chung Hsing University, majoring in law.
    July 2012: Employed by a major Japanese apparel brand. Worked as a store manager and in personnel training.
    November 2016: Employed by REGIONS, INC.


3Visa Assistance

We also help you obtain a visa necessary for working. In 2017, we helped nine people obtain their visa. The normal visa application process and time required are explained below.

  1. 01Sending the required application documents

    After securing employment, we will send one copy of each of the following: graduation certificate, academic record transcript, full-face ID photo, and photocopy of your passport or other ID by postal mail to your employer. Note that depending on your residence status, the required documents for your visa application may differ. The residence status for many new foreign graduates joining a private company is "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/Int'l Services."

  2. 02Applying for Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status.

    After submitting your application to your company, the Japan's Immigration Bureau will screen your application. If there are no discrepancies in the information, and you meet the requirements for the residence status for your planned activity in Japan, the Immigration Bureau will grant and send you by postal mail the "Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status" that allows you to live and work in Japan. The processing time can take one to three months depending on the type of residence status, your nationality, etc.

  3. 03Applying for the visa at an Overseas Diplomatic Establishment

    After you receive your Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status, submit it together with your passport and one ID photo to your nearest Japanese Embassy, Consulate, or another diplomatic establishment to apply for the visa. Although it depends on where you live, it normally takes one to two weeks to get your visa.

  4. 04Procedure completed.

    After the period specified by the Japanese diplomatic mission elapses, you can go and get your passport stamped with the visa that allows you to live and work in Japan. This completes the visa process.

4How It Works

These are the steps we require.

  1. 01
    Application form Fill out a registration from if you are interested in working in Japan and send it to us.
  2. 02
    Interview Although English and Chinese are possible ways to talk, basically the REGIONS consultant will conduct the interview in Japanese.
  3. 03
    Job information We will provide information about available jobs that may match your preferences based on your interview.
  4. 04
    Document check and submission We will help you prepare the required documents to apply to the candidate company.
  5. 05
    Fixing interview date and pre-interview advice If you pass the document screening, an interview date will be set.
  6. 06
    Follow-up before starting to work If you receive an agreement for employment by the company, we will help you prepare for starting work in Japan.
  • *We provide all job information and other counseling for free.
  • *After you submit your application form, it may take about one to three months to get an agreement for employment.
  • *Your work visa application will be handled by you and your employer. It will take two to three months to receive the work visa.
  • *For your housing in Japan, your employer normally provides support. The support for your moving costs and rent will depend on your employer.

Get help to find a new job or switch jobs in Hokkaido, Japan.

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